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Slowly Rolls The Stone

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Ebenstone is the code name of a daring, highly trained special missions op. His purpose: to defend human freedom against COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world...

Oh, wait, sorry...I'm actually a high school English teacher and football coach from Syracuse, NY in my mid-thirties who dreams of being a proud genre novelist. I've written 3 fantasy novels, all of which are languishing about in different states of edits and or rewrites...including one that was shopped back in April.

My blog is a smattering of my endless whining about my writing, frank discussion about writing & the state of our eduacation system, bits of comedy that are often things I only find funny, whimsical memories of the early 90s when life was so good for all the wrong reasons, snippets of my creative work, musings about my newly gotten job as a father, rants about my wife and random photos of both of my sweeties: my 25 pound cock-a-poo that's not a cock-a-poo Minnie and my gorgeous daughter Natalie.

I tend to friend back anyone who friends me, especially writer types in a similiar boat as me!